Short Tour

City tour of Addis AbabaSET – 1 Addis Ababa full day City Tour Addis Ababa, the temperate and well watered “New Flower” founded by Emperor Menelik II at the close of the 19th century is the world’s third-highest capital city and is set below the Entoto hills. It is the diplomatic capital of Africa, havingContinue reading “Short Tour”

Cultural Gold Mining Route

Cultural Gold Mining RouteEthiopian Airlines has a scheduled flight to Assosa, the capital of Beni Shangul Gumuz Region. So, you can either fly or drive through the lush green landscape of the Western highlands to Benishangul and take part in the traditional gold mining practice with the Berta people. There are colorful community markets wherebyContinue reading “Cultural Gold Mining Route”

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